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    Data Connection

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    Client Segmentation

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    Predictive Analysis

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    Account managers know who to contact, based on their importance for the business and their real, current status.


    Marketing increases loyalty campaigns effectiveness thanks to optimised targeting

  • Artificial intelligence for your customer management team

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    Increase purchasing frequency

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    Company-level Predictive Churn Analysis


    Self Support


    24 months of data, up to 10 000 orders


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    Initial data preparation and cleaning by a data analyst


    Client-level Predictive Churn Analysis


    Remote Onboarding Session


    Chat and Email Support

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    FRUCTIFI located 16 rue de Bucarest, 75008 Paris, France is committed to protecting Users' Personal Data.
    By accessing and using FRUCTIFI, Users undertake to respect and be bound by this Privacy Policy, which may be modified or updated at any time without notice. Any changes or updates will be posted on the Site.
    I. Nature of personal data collected by FRUCTIFI
    FRUCTIFI collects and processes data that Users voluntarily provide in order to access or use FRUCTIFI as well as data relating to Users' preferences and traffic (such as IP addresses).
    The purposes of this data processing are to allow Users to create an Account to access FRUCTIFI and use the services, to improve services by placing cookies on Users' terminals and to send them commercial offers.
    Users must to open an Account provide FRUCTIFI with at least the following personally identifiable information to use FRUCTIFI:
    Name ;
    Company name ;
    Telephone number.
    Users may complete their profile with other Personal Data (address, telephone number, date of birth, names of customers or prospects, etc.).
    FRUCTIFI will never collect or process Personal Data concerning, directly or indirectly, race, health, sexual orientation, political, philosophical or religious opinions. Users must not store this Personal Data on FRUCTIFI.
    II. Data other than personal data
    2.1. Traffic
    Traffic data is generated when Users' terminals connect to the Internet and are not sufficient on their own to identify them. FRUCTIFI may collect the following data: origin of the connection, type and version of the User's Internet browser, connection duration, etc.
    This data can be used for statistical purposes to analyse traffic and to improve FRUCTIFI. Traffic data is always processed anonymously.
    2.2. Cookies
    FRUCTIFI deposits cookies on Users' terminals. These small files may contain, for example, traffic data and User preferences.
    The objectives of the cookies placed by FRUCTIFI are the following:
    authenticate Users ;
    record Users' visits and their origin;
    register the country and the language of the Users.
    FRUCTIFI does not authorize its partners except its host Strickingly to deposit cookies on the terminals of Users.
    Users can configure their browsers to disable cookies or to warn them before accepting a cookie on the websites they visit. However, if Users disable cookies, they may not be able to use all parts of FRUCTIFI, the Site or all of FRUCTIFI's features.
    III. Processing of users' personal data
    FRUCTIFI collects and processes Users' Personal Data in a fair and lawful manner and in compliance with their rights. FRUCTIFI is the entity responsible for processing Users' Personal Data.
    IV. Retention of users' personal data
    4. 1. Security
    Personal Data communicated by Users are hosted by FRUCTIFI.
    FRUCTIFI makes every effort to avoid any interference with Users' Personal Data, such as loss, misappropriation, intrusion, unauthorised disclosure, alteration or destruction of Personal Data.
    4. 2. Duration
    Without prejudice to the following paragraph, Personal Data processed by FRUCTIFI will be deleted at the latest three (3) years after Users delete their Account or after three (3) years of inactivity of Users' Account.
    4.3. Account Cancellation
    Users may request that their Account be deleted in accordance with the TOS. Their data will be deleted by FRUCTIFI without prejudice to section 4.2 above.
    V. Transfer of users' personal data
    To perform certain FRUCTIFI features, Users' Personal Data (such as names and addresses) may pass through FRUCTIFI's suppliers including, but not limited to: Strikingly and Google Analytics, both located in the United States.
    FRUCTIFI may provide Users' Personal Data if required by law or ordered by a court.
    VI. Communication from FRUCTIFI
    FRUCTIFI may send emails to Users at the email address associated with their Account for technical or administrative reasons or to inform Users of the evolution of its services. FRUCTIFI may send Users commercial offers not linked to FRUCTIFI, but Users may unsubscribe at any time.
    VII. Exercise of users' rights
    In accordance with the French law of January 6, 1978 known as "Informatique et Libertés", the Users have a right of access, modification and opposition to the treatment, they can ask for the suppression of the Data with Personal Character collected or treated by FRUCTIFI (except stipulations of the section IV.).
    Users may exercise this right by writing to FRUCTIFI at its postal address: 16 rue de Bucarest, 75008 Paris or directly to the head of data & privacy at contact@fructifi.com.